Continuing to create a new paradigm
in the future of medicine

What is REEVEER?

Making medical innovations more accessible
The discovery of new drugs and treatments and technological innovation have significantly changed the medical and healthcare fields. New studies are now ongoing, and drugs or therapeutic techniques that have never seen before continue to emerge.

In any field, technological innovation brings the spotlight on technologies that can potentially and significantly change the world, including advanced medicine or the development of vaccines.

However, we at REEVEER think that technological transformation should occur with more familiar problems.

REEVEER has been created to open a new approach in unconventional ways with a focus on issues with medicine and healthcare in our daily lives. We start by creating a new paradigm from familiar places to continue to expand small dreams.
For example, a future where results of self-care can be visualized , or in which proper diagnosis can be supported regardless of the size of the hospital or the competence of the doctors. These may not change the world drastically, but our lives would become better if they are realized.
REEVEER was created to focus on medical and self-care issues that arise in our daily lives, and to break free from conventional wisdom to create a new way of thinking. We will continue to create "new common sense" from familiar places and expand our small dreams.


VR dizziness tests application

We will keep continuing challenges and co-create the future
of human and medical care.

We want all people to be happy and stisfied through medical care.
To realize such a future, we will continue to take on challenges.


Company name
Parafeed Corporation
Shoichi Ishimoto
Date of establishment
May 24, 2019
post code:110-0015
Higashi-Ueno TI Building 4th floor, 2-7-6, Higashi-ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0015 Japan
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Medical Device Manufacturing Registration
(Registration number: 13BZ201589)

Medical device manufacturing and marketing license (Type II)
(License number: 13B2X10503)

Fee-charging employment placement business
(License number: 13-Yu-311421)

General worker dispatching undertakings
(License No.: 13-314411)


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