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Dizziness test devices
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Features of PitEye

It is estimated that there are approximately 500,000 patients suffering from vertigo nationwide, or 2.67 million* if latent patients are included. However, the number of doctors specialized in vertigo in the department of otorhinolaryngology are less than 10% of the total number. The current situation is that sufficient medical care is not being provided to all of the patient. One of the reasons for this is the high hurdle in introducing dizziness testing equipment.
*Quotes from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's "Overview of the 2019 National Survey of Basic Survey of People's Lives"

  • The cost of testing equipments are high.
  • Operation of the quipments are complicated with high learning costs.
  • Separate testing equipments are required for specialized test.
  • Insufficient space for equipment installation.
  • Lack of vertigo specialists.

PitEye was born out of these issues from the voice from doctor.

PitEye points

  • Simple operation providing high-accuracy tests

    Simple operation providing high-accuracy tests

    This product was developed in collaboration with experts on dizziness, centered around members engaging in software development in the IT industry for a long time. It was designed from the perspective of UI/UX and eliminated difficult operations where possible. In addition, the eye-tracking technology incorporated in the VR device provides high-accuracy tests that are comparable to those provided by dedicated test devices.

  • Easy attachment and detachment requiring no effort for preparation

    Easy attachment and detachment requiring no effort for preparation

    The VR device for tests can be readily used by just connecting it to the PC via the cable. Application of electrodes or complicated settings, as before, are not necessary. The VR device can be worn by just putting it on the head. It can be easily adjusted to the size of the head, enabling quick preparation for tests.

  • Dr. REEVEER, diagnostic support by experts, incorporated

    Dr. REEVEER, diagnostic support by experts, incorporated

    This product incorporates a function to obtain feedback from experts as needed. Even in cases of tests involving a difficult decision, accurate diagnostic support can be obtained from experts.
    *Provided separately as an option. *This service does not provide a diagnosis but provides an expert’s opinion and supports the applicant medical institution in making a decision.

  • A wide test space not required. The compact size enabling use anywhere

    A wide test space not required. The compact size enabling use anywhere

    PitEye offers tests only with a typical size laptop computer and the VR device. It eliminates the need to install large-scale equipment, is easy to carry, and can be used for tests anywhere.

Supporting 11 tests,
including the video head impulse test (vHIT)

Comparison chart of product price
and price plan

Supply form Outright purchase plan Subscription plan
Price Please use the form to inquire about prices. Please use the form to inquire about prices.
Initial cost
Maintenance plan※1
  • On-line support
  • arrangement of a replacement device in case of damage
  • Expansion of warranty coverage (supporting warranty for water leakage, falling, etc.)
  • on-site training (transportation expenses are borne based on actual costs)
  • ※1 Maintenance subscription is required for the initial six months.
vHIT option
Test items and NHI point※2
  • ※2 NHI points are shown in parentheses.
  • ※3 Including 260 points in common.

Total of 1,480 points.

  • Spontaneous nystagmus test/Gaze nystagmus test/Rapid eye movement test(20 points, including a standard test)
  • Video head impulse test: vHIT (300)※3
  • Eye tracking test: ETT (120)※3
  • Optokinetic nystagmus test: OKN/OKP (120)※3
  • Positioning nystagmus test (300)※3
  • Labyrinthine fistula sign test (120)※3
  • Vestibulo-ocular reflex test (120)※3
Other supported items
  • Random Gaze
  • Customization of appearance time of the optotype
Additional services and optional accessories
  • ※4 Contact us for the type of systems that can be linked.
  • ※5 Only the on-line subscription rental type plan is available now.
  • Filing system linkage (incurred at linkage)※4)
  • Dr. REEVEER (diagnostic support by specialists※5)
  • Face cushion
  • Head band
  • Glasses cleaner
Please use the form to inquire about prices.

Customer list

PitEye has been introduced at various medical institutions.
(List of medical institutions that use Piteye)

Product information

Product overview
Certification No. 304AFBZX00105000
Brand name Eye movement test device REEVEER - PitEye
Category Instruments and apparatus (22) Testing instruments for eye
Generic name(JMDN) Eye movement test device (70093000)
Optokinetic stimulator (70101000)
Size and weight (VR HMD)
Dimensions RW182.7 m × D116.2 mm × H118.8 mm
Mass Main body: Approximately 520 g
Accessory cables: 310 g
Accessory cable length: USB2.0: 2.85m(±100mm)
USB3.0: 2.9m(±80mm)
HDMI: 2.9m(±80mm)
*The included personal computer varies in size and weight depending on the manufacturer and model.
Operating specification
Sampling rate 70Hz
Recording videos 30fps
Resolution 2560 × 1440 px


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