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About REEVEER PitEye

REEVEER PitEye is a medical device for use in tests of inner ear function or the balance function, including dizziness, which consists of a laptop computer equipped with software developed by Parafeed and the VR hardware called FOVE0.In developing this product, we worked with FOVE Inc., a developer of VR devices with advanced eye-tracking technology, involved members engaging in software development in the IT industry for a long time, and received advice from experts on dizziness.

In addition, strict quality control is critical for medical device products, and due attention should be paid to safety.We manufacture and distribute medical devices under agreements with marketing authorization holders of medical devices in strict compliance with laws and regulations.

Background to development of REEVEER PitEye

Parafeed provides human resources and management consulting services in the medical and healthcare field.Through such activities, we strongly believed that there was healthcare reform that only private companies could carry out and continued our research with the goal of comprehensively providing the development, manufacturing, and distribution of medical devices and IT solutions utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, especially patents.

Through interviewing, we learned that dizziness was a common condition with at least 2.5 million people having complaints in Japan, but that the number of experts was limited, approximately 800 physicians, with test devices being not widespread.To solve such a social challenge, we have developed REEVEER PitEye, a dizziness test device utilizing VR, and received medical device certification for it.

The Idea Behind the Brand Name "REEVEER"

Through first product of the REEVEER brand PitEye, our company aim to "create a new common sense in vertigo testing and become the leading authority in vertigo testing and rehabilitation.
Our goal is to "enter the unapproachable market and reduce the number of vertigo refugees to the limit.

The name REEVEER is based on the French word "rêver" (dream). REEVEER is a brand that focuses on medical care and self-care issues that arise in daily life, and will continue to open up new avenues for the industry by breaking free of the conventional wisdom. We will continue to create "new common sense" from familiar places and expand our small dreams.


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